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Welcome to spring!

Thank you to everyone to responded to our February survey! We are at the tail-end of winter, however, access to the yurts still requires a trek. Check out the results of our recent survey below, and come on out for a stay before the snow is gone!

Survey Results and Takeaways

Results: Participants

We had 286 participants in our survey! Thank you!

44% would prefer visit during the warm season

56% would prefer to visit during the cold season

Over half of the participants rated their likeliness to come out to the yurts this year as 4/5 or higher!

Results: Pricing

The main obstacles for people to book are: 

1. Trying to organize a group to come out to the yurts (26%)

2. Too busy to book a trip right now (23%)

3. Cost to book vs. value of the experience (22%)

Results: Affordability

There were a notable number of survey participants who felt the value of the Idaho Wilderness Yurts Experience justifies the costs but who are in a financial situation where a visit to the yurts was not feasible.

Takeaways: Participants

We are so excited for the prospects of sharing our project with so many of you! 

We are offering a "last-minute" stay promotion, which gives a 20% discount for bookings that begin in the next 10 days. 

CONGRATULATIONS to our free stay winners, Colin C and Andrew A!

Takeaways: Pricing

1. We updated our cancellation policy to give a 100% refund if cancelled more than 30 days in advance. This will allow guests to book with confidence, even prior to organizing a group.

2. Effective immediately, we have reduced our winter rates by $20/night, and slashed our warm season rates to an average of $199/night, which puts our pricing well below similar backcountry accommodations.

Takeaways: Affordability

1. We have created "Wednesday night specials" - dramatically reducing Tuesday and Wednesday night pricing to $129-$199, depending on season. 

2. We are offering 1-night stays on Sundays thru Wednesdays.

Although Idaho Wilderness Yurts offers a high-end backcountry experience, we are making every effort to offer affordable stays and sincerely hope you can join us soon!

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